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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We appreciate your interest in Your privacy is our priority. We would like you to know that there are certain conditions and laws of the country under which we are committed to protect your personal information. Below are some salient features of our privacy policy, we recommend that you read them carefully.

1. Collection of personal data

When placing an order, you will have to provide us with some of necessary information. Your personal information will be collected, stored and used to complete your purchase process successfully on our site. We may also use this information for returns or claims if any and for our marketing purposes. The personal information we may collect could include your name, gender, date of birth, email address, postal and delivery address, cell number, bank account and credit/debit card details. This information will be used by us only to process your purchase and to reach out to you with our sales and marketing services. Your personal information is also necessary for and shall be used by us to verify your account and payment details in order to carry out secure financial transactions with you. The use of your personal information for surveys and marketing purposes is subject to your consent. You may choose not to be a part of it if you are not interested.

2. Data Security

We have taken essential measures to secure your personal information once we have collected it. We do what is necessary to prevent any inappropriate or unauthorized access to your personal data. We also take measures to prevent any loss of your data. Our servers are secure and firewalls are in place. All data is stored there. For verification purposes you may be occasionally required to provide us with some specific information such as your date or place of birth or your childhood nickname before we could disclose to you your own personal information. We are not responsible for any sort of loss of or unauthorized access to your passwords or other personal and financial details from your computer.

3. Corrections and Recommendations

We are always open to any corrections or recommendations regarding our privacy policy. We appreciate your concern about your personal data. We are listening to your recommendations and are willing to correct inaccuracies and flaws in our system, if any. If you feel uncomfortable with your personal information being used by us for marketing purposes you may ask us to discontinue this practice in your case at any time.